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Blindsight uses real locations where possible. These are shown against the first chapter in which they appear.

Do not scroll down beyond the chapter you are reading or this might confuse the plot.


The building where it is imagined the Centre for Industrial Design and the Blindsight Unit are located. It is at the juntion of Nicholas Street and Weaver Street in Chester.

VCS dept.jpg

The building where the Vice-Chancellor's office is located in Nicholas Street in Chester.

whipcord lane.jpg

Whipcord Lane where Steve and Katie search for Professor Kuiper's house.

They think they may have found Professor Kuiper's house in this terrace.

Nicholas Street.jpg

Nicholas Street. The start of the route they think Professor Kuiper may have taken.  The Vice-Chancellor's office is further down on the left and The Centre for Industrial Design is on the right.

Lower Watergate Street.jpg

The route turns left into the lower part of Watergate Street. They walk down to the bottom where you can just see the Watergate itself and turn right.

City Walls Road.jpg

They turn right at the Watergate and walk along City Walls Road. The City Walls themselves are hidden behind the trees on the left.

Water Tower Gardens.jpg

If Professor Kuiper followed the route they think, he would have come down the steps from the City Walls on the right and arrived in Water Tower Gardens.


The Grosvenor Shopping Centre where Grace goes shopping is entered off Bridge Street up this flight of steps.

Grosvenor shopping Centre.jpg.webp
Commonhall St.jpg

The interior of the Grosvenor Shopping Centre.

Commonhall Street in Chester city centre.

                 The Eames chair and ottoman


The new housing development by The Shot Tower in Chester, where Nimade lives.

Shot Tower flats.jpeg
Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 17.03.49.png

Nimade's aparment interior looks like this.


Typical Balinese wood carving said to deter evil spirits.


Delft railway station

TUD library.jpg

The library at Technical University Delft


The market square in Delft where the Bali Style shop and VV premises are.

curzon Park.jpg
Pepper Street.jpg

Curzon Park in Chester where Damien Bewick lives.

Pepper Street in Chester. This is where Nimade's Bali Style shop is imagined to be. It has a loading bay adjacent.


Patrick and Cormac Milligan live in a house like these in Blacon, Chester


Drake's Lanai at the Oberoi Hotel in Bali

oberoi performance area.jpg

The outdoor restaurant and perfromance area at the Oberoi Hotel. Drake sees a gamelan performance and Wayan Kulit.


The Kerta Gosa or Klungkung Palace near Ubud in Bali. Drake admired this several hundred years old building. It was a place for judicial hearings and Drake thought it was architecture that exemplified the saying that 'justice must be done and be seen to be done.'


Mount Agung, the sacred Volcano in Bali. It has tiered layers of irrigated rice fields on the lower slopes. Drake was driven round on his way to Ubud.

jalan Raya Ubud Bali Style 4.jpg

Nimade's shop, Bali Style is imagined to be here in Jalan Ubud, Bali.


Some of the many items Nimade sells in her shop  Bali Style.


Wayan Kulit. Balinese shadow puppetry.


A gamelan. A popular Bali music instrument.


Balinese storytelling through dance. You can just see the gamelan players behind in the shadows.


Some of the baeutiful temples that Drake visited on his day off before returning home from Bali.


"The Architect" restaurant in Chester where Martin and Grace dined and met some students.


Typical Balinese Kris and sheath.

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