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Fatal Practice Locations

Fatal Practice uses real locations where possible. These are shown against the first chapter in which they appear.

Do not scroll down beyond the chapter you are reading or this might confuse the plot.

Portculis House. An extension to the houses of parliament in London designed by Hopkins Architects. Drake attends a meeting in here about new government buildings.


Porter Drake and Simpson Architects are imagined to have their offices in Chester here. The building overlooks the Roman Amphitheatre.


The site of the Roman Amphitheatre in Chester.


Aerial view of the village of Christleton just outside Chester. Sir Julian Porter's house is imagined to be in the surrounding countryside. The barn visited in chapter 2 is nearby.


The original Chester Walls. Drake takes a walk along here passing the Cathedral precinct on the left.


Drake's walk takes him as far as the King Charles Tower from which it is believed that King Charles I watched the battle of Rowton Moor.


Drake's hotel, the Chester Grosvenor, in Eastgate. The Eastgate bridge carries the walk on the top of the Chester Walls across the street below.


Molly is imagined to have her apartment here in the village of Tarvin just outside Chester and not far from Christleton.


The Eastgate in the Chester Walls. Beyond on the left is Drake's hotel.


George Porter is imagined to have his studio in this building in Sheffield which houses an artist's community.


Drake's hotel in Penang. It is the Shangri-La Rasa Sayang. It has roofs inspired by the traditional forms of the region. On the right is the giant and very old Banyan tree that Drake can see from his balcony.


A view looking into the great Banyan tree. It has aerial roots hanging right down to ground level that twist around each other.


The inside of Drake's bedroom in the Shargri-La Rasa Sayang Hotel.


Drake sat under this leaf umbrella to work on his case.


The lawns in the hotel garden. The great Banyan tree is seen beyond and Drake's room is to the right on an upper floor.


The little shrine under the other side of the great Banyan tree. 


Mutiara Design Associates are imagined to have their offices here in Jakan Krian in George Town on the Malaysian island of Penang.


Suffolk House in George Town where Drake has lunch with the Malaysian architect  Khoo Chong Hai. 


The E and O or more properly The Eastern and Oriental Hotel in George Town, Penang where Drake has lunch. The E and O was built by the Sarkie brothers as the sister hotel to the more famous Raffles Hotel in Singapore.


The Blue Mansion in George Town, Penang. Drake visits this lovingly restored historic mansion and gets a surprise.


Drake takes the hill train up to the top of Penang Hill where he sees this exhilarating view of George Town below.

Drake meets Roddy Flinn at David Brown's Strawberry Hill Tea Rooms at the top of Penang Hill.  


Drake and Roddy Flinn walk up part of Penang hill after passing through the Moon Gate. 


Martin and Grace have dinner at The Architect restaurant on the banks of the River Dee in Chester. Martin has a surprise for Grace.

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