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Readers say


This is a compelling read, spanning different cultures, intriguing with good plot lines. This is really well written and a change from my normal crime reads. This book is the author's first crime book, it is excellent and I will be reading the follow up books. - David Gilchrist UK Crime Book Club

I loved this...kept me in its grip to the end, with a cracking plot and subtle humour. Perfect to while away a cold winter afternoon. When's the next one out?

The intricacies of the plot keep you absorbed and the conclusion certainly does not disappoint.

I really liked the story and characters...good plot, it kept me guessing, wrongly!


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Very well crafted and intriguing. It kept me on the edge.

The best Drake and Hepple mystery so far.


It’s a real page turner.



I really enjoyed it and found it extremely absorbing.

Another great edition with exciting  adventures  and drama. 

The plot twisted and turned as a good detective novel should, leading to an unforeseen conclusion...


...attention to detail in terms of background information from experts brought in to assist the case is incredible.

In Drake and Hepple we have two detectives who can rival the best.


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As well as the intriguing mystery, it transports you to a fascinating part of the world.

International intrigue and fascinating architectural insights enhance this clever and twisty mystery, taking us from the historic splendour of the streets of Chester to the exotic far eastern jungles of Malaysia. - Will Templeton UK Crime Book Club


Visual enjoyment is added with the author's photographic extras on his website, showing several locations from the book.

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