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Next Book

Martin said that he liked the fourth book best so far. I have had quite a bit of similar feedback. This is interesting because I probably enjoyed writing it most though it took longer than the others except the first. Thank you Martin, We authors really value feedback.

In this case, it is also a slight worry. Martin asked if there was going to be a fifth in the series. It is in the early stages and ten chapters exist so far. But those awful author doubts keep creeping in. Can I make it better than the fourth? I never like to claim a book until I am satisfied that it is good enough. There is one complete book that I have never published and just abandoned.

A hint for those interested, it is set in the world of art and painting in particular. It's a fascinating world. There are the artists themselves with all their talent, obsessions and doubts. Then there are the buyers and collectors who have a variety of motives. In between come the galleries and agents. Next, come the experts and critics who can sometimes make or break a work or even an artist. Finally, there is the murky world of forgery and theft. Plenty of material for a crime novel there then!

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