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Vol 3 of Drake and Hepple Mysteries is published

"Fatal Practice" is published 18th November 2019.

Here it is! The latest book in the series of Drake and Hepple mysteries is now available either as a paperback or as a Kindle Edition. Either go to Amazon (UK) or go to the page of books on this website where you can click on a button that will take you straight to the place where you order the book.

It has been with me for about a year. During that time I have visited all the locations and researched all real events and places referred to in the text. Of course the characters and plot events in the book are entirely imaginary. Any similarity to real people and events is entirely accidental. It has been a complicated book to write but I have enjoyed it. If, dear reader, you enjoy it too then I shall be delighted. Please do let me know. You can always email me at If you buy the book at Amazon then please leave a review there. Happy reading!

p.s. I have already started work on volume 4. more of that in due course.

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