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Chester (UK)

I was born and lived until I was 12 in Chester. I still visit frequently as close relatives live there. There is so much history in Chester and it oozes out of the very fabric of the place. Of course it was a major Roman encampment. Long since I lived there, they discovered the huge Roman amphitheatre there and diverted a street so it could be exposed and preserved. Actually only half of it is visible with the major obstruction of a much later listed building standing over the site. Without giving away too much I can say that my fourth novel is likely to feature all this quite significantly. Of course Chester also has its amazing medieval history. Not only do we have buildings of a wide range of ages but the complete city walls encircling the city centre. Perhaps most fascinating are the Chester Rows. These have open-sided walkways connecting all the shops under cover at first floor level. This is a wonderfully civilised way of creating a shopping centre largely sheltered from our weather and yet open to the fresh air. An early kind of city-wide mall if you like.

Well a great chap named Frank Pasinski runs a web site for the residents of Chester and he has been kind enough to feature me and all three of my Drake and Hepple mysteries. Here is the link to that site

but there is a more convenient button on my biography page.

Well, as you will know, both A Degree of Death and Fatal Practice use Chester locations. As I have hinted at above, I am busy working on the fourth volume and it looks like being almost entirely based in Chester. There are just so many wonderful locations that suggest plot possibilities.

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