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It's published

My fourth Drake and Hepple mystery is now published. It is officially called The Flautist. Although I do try to play the flute myself it is certainly not autobiographical. I have enjoyed writing this immensely. I have had a novel based on happenings in an orchestra on my mind for a long time. I love full symphony orchestras. As well as the magificent sound they make, I think they must represent one of the greatest achievements of the human race. When you think of the creative work that went into composing such music, the extraordinary invention and crafsmanship of making their instruments and the sheer dedication to learning, practice and performance. There's one other thing too. The design and creation of great concert halls with wonderful acoustics by architects down the ages is a huge achievement.

Well this is not entirely about an orchestra in the end but it is about music and musicians. But as with all my novels it is really about place, time and people. I hope you enjoy it.

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