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Novels and their locations

Updated: Jan 7

The Drake and Hepple mysteries are crime novels in which time and place play roles critical to the plot. These places and their history are generally interesting, and have been selected for that reason. However, I am always conscious of not holding up the plot in a mystery novel with too much description. Curious readers might like to know more about these important places, so I have decided to add images of all the key locations to this website. So far, this has been done for A Degree of Death, Fatal Practice, The Flautist and Dangerous Knowledge. If you go to the novels page and scroll down to the name of the novel you are interested in, you will see a button marked 'see locations'. Press this to see these images. They are shown on a chapter by chapter basis, so you can look at them as you read if you wish. Some people have responded by saying they like this feature.

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